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Northshore Simplee Gourmet Local Produce Club

Posted 9/24/2013 12:02pm by Anne Sharp.

This time next week we will be loading up the truck with veggies for out first delivery of the fall season.  Just thought I would tempt those of you who have not signed up yet with what is coming out of the field at the moment. We have been harvesting many varieties of the following: squash, eggplant, okra, mizuna, arugula, shallots, kale, chard, mustard, radishes, turnips, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, sweet peppers & sunflowers.  The lettuce mix is still a bit bitter from the heat but it is not far behind; we also have some pink eye and crowder peas in the field that should be ready soon.   We are planting the cole crops each week in anticipation of plenty coming out of the field for you for the next 12 weeks.

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