What is the Local Produce Club/CSA?

CSA stands for community supported agriculture which is a produce subscription service. The term CSA is commonly used in other parts of the country but is just making its way into the deep south. It is a way for individuals to establish a relationship with local farms. We thought that Local Produce Club was more descriptive.

How does the Local Produce Club/CSA work?

Individuals will sign up to receive a weekly sack of produce. The season runs during the peak of production for 12 weeks in the spring/summer and again for 12 weeks in the fall/winter.  The spring/summer season begins in April and our fall/winter season will begin mid September.  Members come to Simplee Gourmet either in New Orleans or Covington for delivery.  Covington pickup is on Wednesday and New Orleans is on Thursday. We ask that you commit for the entire season, so we can plan for a consistant number.

How much produce will I receive weekly?

Members receive 6 to 8 items per week. One of the biggest complaints from other CSA’s has been too much produce. People don’t like to waste. Our past members generally feel we have given generous but not overwhelming quantities.

What would a sample share include?

Shares change according the season which spans both cool and warm weather crops. On May 12, 2015 our members received the following:  lettuce mix, rainbow chard, potatoes, string beans, summer squash, cucumbers, bell peppers & parsley.

How does the share pickup work?

At the beginning of the season you will receive a reusable Covey Rise Farms sack. In Covington, the vegetables will be delivered in bins with a sample portion in front and you will fill your personal sack accordingly. Occasionally, there will be choices and someone from the farm will be there to assist you.  In New Orleans, your bags are all packed and ready to go.  We ask that you bring back your sack each week.

Can I split my share?

Yes, but it is up to you to figure out pick up and who gets what each week.

How much does a share cost weekly?

$396.00 for the 12 week season.

How do I pay for my share?

You can purchase a share by clicking on the Local Produce Club/CSA icon and sign up for the season. You may choose to pay thru Paypal or by check mailed to the following:

Covey Rise Farms, LLC
PO Box 40
Husser, LA 70442

What happens if I cannot pick up my share?

You are welcome to have a friend or family member enjoy your share of the harvest that week. No need to let us know in advance, just send them to your designated pick up.  

What are the benefits of eating local produce?

Commodity produce has been bred for maximum disease resistance, quantity of production, shelf life and transportability. The average distance produce travels in the USA is 1500 miles from farm to your plate and your food dollar generally ends up in far off places. Eating locally reduces transportation related environmental impacts and recirculates money into the local community. In addition, the produce we grow is generally heirloom varieties picked vine ripe and delivered to you super fresh. You can taste the difference!!

Are my vegetables washed?

No. Your produce will come fresh from the field and will have to be washed prior to consuming. Washing Tips: wash your vegetables immediately prior to using for maximum refrigerator life. When washing leafy greens fill up your sink with cold water bath gently. Salad greens need to be dried which is best achieved with a salad spinner.

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